Welcome to our latest SEND resources for tracking the progress and achievements of young children, teenagers, and mature students with Special Educational Needs. Our system is designed to instantly assist teachers, parents, and carers to accurately measure what matters most.

Now, you can easily record individual assessments and small step progress without the need for time-consuming spreadsheets. Our system is versatile enough to track a wide range of SEND abilities and behaviours for students of any age range or setting. This makes it so much easier to record progress, judgments, and plan next steps for their own personal needs.

Just one of the numerous features of our system is the ability to instantly record evidence of learning and progress, which can automatically produce a detailed learning journal for students. Unlike most other systems that only classify SEND students as working below age-related expectations, our system allows you to assess students in the way that works best for them and for you, with a focus on positive outcomes.

We also make it easy for teachers to share progress and achievements with parents and carers, helping to build enjoyable and productive relationships. You can instantly record those important moments using text, photo, video, or audio using the free ILD Pro 2 and ILD Parent 2 mobile apps for Apple, Android, or Amazon Fire devices.

ILD Pro 2
ILD Parent 2
Young child using colours

Our system provides a unique range of SEND support and progress tracking resources, including the Pupil Timeline. With the Pupil Timeline, you can instantly view a comprehensive, chronological timeline of an individual student’s activity. This includes all SEND observations, assessments, checkpoints, next steps in learning, reflections, and review. Parent, carer, and teacher comments along with specific focus requirements are also listed.

Pupil Timeline

Another useful SEND resource is the Flag for Focus function. With this, you can instantly flag a student as requiring extra focus or assistance in their progress, learning and development from the Pupil Timeline, Next Steps, Reflections or Observation functions.

Flag for Focus

Our Reflections feature allows you to create reflections and reviews for individual students, staff, or the teaching environment such as SEND classrooms or outdoor areas. Combined with well-planned activities, reflection also allows you to assess and appreciate your own teaching.

A young student enjoying her yoga session

Additionally, our system includes a Resource Library where you can upload, update, and share valuable SEND teaching resources and ideas in various file formats such as Microsoft Word, PDF, Power Point, images, video files, and web links. You can link your resources to areas of learning along with keywords for easy reference.


We also provide the full range of standard curriculums, including EYFS Reform, National Curriculum from KS1 to KS4, and Curriculum for Excellence.

As our SEND teachers and students may require an extensive range of different SEND frameworks, and progress reports, with our Curriculum Builder function, you can also create personalised support plans for individual pupils. Standard curriculums can be customised to meet a student’s specific requirements, and teachers can also create their own curriculums and frameworks which can be fully utilised on the Interactive Learning Diary system and free mobile apps.

All of these are private and confidential and can only be accessed by authorised school team members. There are also no restrictions on the number of SEND related curriculums, frameworks, support, and development plans which you wish to create in your personal library. With written consent, local authority SEND matrices can also be included. If required, SEND teachers can share all curriculums and frameworks across their organisation or group.

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