Finding interesting and stimulating resources for children can be a time-consuming process so when you do find them, they should be saved for future reference and use in a central location with easy access for all team members.

Nursery teams create amazing projects for their children. They then spend time finding resources such as learning games, craft ideas, activity sheets, photos, video/audio files and web links to assist with their projects. Unfortunately, a common problem experienced in nurseries and schools is that these resources are often filed or saved across various individual staff devices or notebooks.

It is only when a manager or team member are planning activities that they discover the resources for a fantastic new activity are stored on another staff members laptop or device. But… that staff member is perhaps on holiday or sickness leave and these important resources cannot be immediately accessed.

With the ILD Resource Library, all staff members can upload, update, and share valuable activity and teaching resources and ideas in various file formats such as Microsoft Word, PDF, Power Point, photos, video / audio files and web links. These can be quickly accessed using the search function or by cross referencing to the framework, curriculum, or areas of learning which you have in your ILD system. If you have modified or created your own curriculum using our unique ILD Curriculum Builder your resources can also be linked to these.

Combined with the Weekly Planning function, this greatly reduces the time required for activity planning giving more time to focus on childcare and teaching.

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