Remote teaching and remote learning are now essential skills which our busy educators must adopt and include in their teaching repertoire. From recent experience, they unfortunately must be prepared to switch from conventional classroom teaching to emergency remote teaching at relatively short notice.

The ILD Learning Zone provides the essential remote teaching tools required to create an intuitive, interactive, and remote teaching and learning environment for our nurseries and schools. It encompasses everything required in a user-friendly format. When homework, assignments and projects etc are returned from home, you simply access the Assessments and Outcomes section of the system and include your assessments against your chosen curriculums.

Launched in March 2020 to assist our educators’ worldwide with COVID19 nursery and school closures, the ILD Learning Zone enabled our educators, children and parents to maintain exceptional levels of remote education and learning during these challenging times.

In the foreseeable future, nurseries and schools will continue to require an emergency remote teaching function. Not only for COVID19 and any possible future pandemic outbreaks but also other situations such as adverse weather conditions or emergencies which force temporary closures.

Remote teaching and learning with the ILD Learning Zone

Here are just some of the unique remote teaching benefits which the ILD Learning Zone can provide for your nursery, school or organisation.

Learning Zone – Remote teaching (educator)

  • Publish and send homework tasks, detailed projects, or simple activities for completion at home to individual children, groups or multiple classes using a wide range of file formats.

  • Microsoft Word (.DOC or .DOCX)
  • Microsoft Excel (.XLS or .XLSX)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.PPT or .PPTX)
  • Comma Separated Files (.CSV)
  • General Text Files (.TXT)
  • Adobe PDF Files (.PDF)
  • Images (.JPG, JPEG, .PNG)
  • Compressed Files (.ZIP or .RAR)
  • Video files (.MP4 or .MOV)
  • Video links i.e. You Tube etc
  • Include comments, instruction/notes, and completion dates

  • When homework tasks or activities have been published from within the ILD Learning Zone, registered parents will receive an automated email stating that new homework activities have been uploaded and to sign into their own Learning Zone in the Parent Portal for viewing and completion

  • Monitor and track when remote learning material has been opened and completed

  • Communicate with child and parent using the Feedback function

  • Monitor remote learning statistics by individual child, class, or group

  • Parental Engagement Report- the parental engagement report will summarise the activity on each child’s remote learning and ILD profile. This data includes:

  • Date and time when Learning Zone was last accessed.
  • Observations
    • Total of observations recorded
    • Date of last observation recorded
  • Voice Comments
    • Total of comments added
    • Date of last comment added
  • Learning Zone
    • Total of homework tasks published
    • Total of homework tasks opened
    • Total of homework tasks completed
    • Total of feedback comments added
    • Date of last feedback comment

Learning Zone – Remote learning (children/parents)

  • Parents receive notification that new homework tasks are available to view and complete in their Learning Zone

  • Using their security username and password, they access their Learning Zone from within the Parent Portal

  • To begin a homework task, parent simply uses the ‘Open’ button. This will display their documents to be viewed and downloaded and also specific tasks, educator notes and instructions

  • Parent downloads attached documents and views web links

  • They can also ask questions or leave notes via the feedback function

  • Submit completed homework tasks with images/documents related to activities  back to educator through the Learning Zone for assessment and marking

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