Early years practitioners working with young children must focus on each child in their key group. They must get to know each one well and try to understand their individual learning and development needs. This helps them to fully assess and plan what can be done to support them in their development, while also working in close partnership with parents and carers. The importance of observing and understanding a child’s personality, behaviour, and reactions to different activities and situations cannot be underestimated in this process.

With a paper-based tracking system, this would be an extremely difficult task when you attempt to update progress or cross reference information, but the ILD system provides every function required to assist you and your team with this highly important process.

Every observation, assessment, next step, intervention, reflection, comment, focus point and checkpoint can of course be quickly recorded for each individual child in their own learning diaries. If you have large groups of children in your setting you can either access and update each child’s progress individually or simply access the Pupil Timeline function.

The Pupil Timeline function is really a life history of each child while they are in your care. All children are listed, and their individual progress can be accessed simultaneously in seconds.

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