Parent Partnerships – An invaluable part of a child’s educational development

Today in the busy world we live in, it is vitally important for nurseries and schools to make the most of their parent partnerships and the modern technology available. With the ILD system, we have included the latest technology to enable educators and parents to enjoy an easy and extremely beneficial line of communication. As all education inspectors will confirm, an excellent educator – child – parent partnership provides numerous benefits and learning opportunities for a child.

The most important influences in a child’s life are their parents, carers and families. Parental participation and engagement can play a vital role at all stages of their educational development. By taking on an active and supportive role in their child’s learning, parents can make a difference in improving achievement levels and behaviour. This invaluable contribution through the educator – child – parent partnership can help promote an enjoyable and productive learning environment in which children and young people can engage positively with educators and their peers.

ILD Parent Portal – Working in partnership with parents

Schools or nurseries can use the Parent Portal to publish any reports they wish and offer parents the ability to access educational information regarding their child’s progress.

Our Parent Portal has been designed to improve partnerships with easier home / nursery / school communication to allow parents to take a more informed view of their children’s progress. Parents are fully engaged with their child’s learning and development and can actively participate in the process by uploading their own observations recorded at home. The system pulls information directly from the Interactive Learning Diary and is updated in real-time throughout the day. With their security login, parents can access their children’s observations and outcomes, together with any media evidence. While at work or travelling, parents can receive daily notifications via the ILD Parent app or email if new activity has been added to their child’s diary.

ILD Parent mobile apps – The future for parents and educators

Nowadays, there seems to be a mobile app for virtually every product and service on the planet, but some are a lot more useful than others! We listen to our educators and parents so with the excellent feedback which our Parent Portal received, we just had to develop the best multi-functional parent app to suit their busy lifestyles.

The ILD Parent apps for Apple and Android devices are essentially a portable, mobile version of the Parent Portal on your smart phone! With a wi-fi or mobile connection, built in notifications update parents in real time on their child’s development and important information. The app itself provides visibility of observations based on the school or nursery settings and parents can comment on and like observations if they wish to do so.

Please note that the ILD Parent mobile app can only be activated by parents with a secure login supplied by their child’s educator.

Please note that the ILD Parent mobile app can only be activated by parents with a secure login supplied by their child’s educator.