The new EYFS 2021 reform will give educators the versatility and freedom to create and develop their own broad curriculum to meet the specific individual needs of children. This now provides an excellent opportunity to focus on the unique child, child centred learning, outdoor activities, child health and their understanding of the world they enjoy and live in. It also reduces excessive levels of paperwork and allows educators to do what they do best. Teaching, stimulating, encouraging, and nurturing children which is more beneficial to the learning and development of young minds.

As you know, the EYFS 7 areas of learning and development remain unchanged and the non – statutory Development Matters 2021 and Birth to 5 Matters are now open to your own professional interpretation and implementation.

You may have already decided on how you will adopt the new EYFS Framework 2021 in September. If not, we can assist you in every way. Whichever approach you wish to take, the new Interactive Learning Diary will provide you with a unique range of bespoke tools and functions to ensure the transition to the new EYFS 2021 is easy to use and problem free.

These tools combined with our free ILD Pro 2 and Parent 2 mobile apps and optional Curriculum Builder, makes the ILD the perfect system for EYFS 2021.

Please note: The bespoke design of these new tools and functions can be used with virtually any curriculum you use

This very short video clip gives a brief overview of the new functions and the new look ILD homepage which will go live in September 2021…

This is not a comprehensive list but here are just a few of the numerous ways that the ILD child development tracking tools can assist you…

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