The free Interactive 360 app available for Apple and Android devices allows educators and parents to enjoy an easy and extremely beneficial line of communication. As all education inspectors will confirm, an excellent educator – child – parent partnership provides numerous benefits and learning opportunities for a child.

But… families too can play a very important part in a child’s learning and development. Fishing with Grandad or baking a cake with Mum all provide invaluable learning experiences for children. So… with parental consent and security verification, there are no limits to the number of family members who have access to and can contribute to a child’s learning journal! It’s all free and part of our service to families.

It takes minutes to arrange access for families. No matter where they are located worldwide, family members can use the free Interactive 360 app or access the Parent Portal. We have thousands of grandparents living abroad who access the Parent Portal or Interactive 360 app prior to calling their grandchildren. This gives an exciting new meaning to that universal question “ So… what did you do in nursery today?” As you can probably imagine, we have been informed that these conversations can go on for quite a while!

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