As well as our Interactive Learning Diary (ILD), you may also be interested in our Interactive Nursery Manager (INM) nursery management system. Used by thousands of educators and finance teams across the U.K and worldwide, the INM provides the most time and cost effective way to manage a busy nursery setting or group. Designed by early years educators, nursery owners and finance teams, it allows you to fast track the reporting, administration and management of every nursery process from child wellbeing to quick and easy finance management.

So what makes the ILD & INM systems so different?

Each has been developed as a fully multi-functional stand-alone system in its own right. We don’t believe in half measures or abridged secondary bolt-on functions with our software. This ensures each system provides absolutely everything our busy educators require and expect. You simply choose if you wish to use one or both as a fully integrated system.

To discover more about the Interactive Nursery Manager, just click the INM icon below…