So, I was researching new methods of inclusive storytelling and discovered ‘Polylino’ and I thought I would share this system with you.  I am an avid book reader both paper and electronic so I am more than aware of the paper versus electronic debate.  I believe all children should have access to books in any form that meets and supports their literacy skills.

Polyino is a digital picture book service for nurseries and primary schools to use with children aged 0-7 years old. The user-friendly digital solution hosts a wide range of picture books which can be read aloud or listened to in different languages.

They have partnered with publishers and literature experts in the UK to provide hundreds of high-quality picture books on your smart device which are fully aligned with the EYFS and KS1 curriculum.

A child can browse the pages, listen to or mute the soundtrack and read for themselves, bookmark their favourite parts, zoom in on the text or artwork, and read together or separately.

You can access a library of hundreds of curriculum aligned books with EAL support. The system is inclusive and accessible and can support reading at home.

I have listed some of the benefits below for you.

  • All children can take part in storytime together – no matter their learning requirements or home language
  • Polylino can easily be used alongside traditional books, so it is an ideal solution to support different teaching approaches.
  • Children can broaden their vocabulary and horizons as they have access to a wider range of books through Polylino.
  • Stimulates children’s imaginations and inspires creative thinking.
  • Easy to use app available for Apple and Android devices. It can be downloaded to a tablet, iPad or smartphone, and even projected onto a larger screen.

Like the ILD & INM systems, Polyino offer a free trial so you can discover for yourself how beneficial digital books can be in the classroom.