The emotional, social, and physical development of young children has a direct effect on their overall development and on the adult they will become. You must consider the whole child, their physical, social, and emotional wellbeing, health, and learning while they are in your care. Being able to identify where the child may need extra support in their learning is crucial to their overall wellbeing.

With Flag for Focus, you can flag a child as requiring extra focus in their learning from the Observation Manager, Pupil Timeline, Reflections, and Next Steps modules. You may decide a child has to be added to one of the interventions you are running in your classroom while writing a next step or reflection on the child’s learning or by simply reviewing the child’s Pupil Timeline or observation

The ILD has all the features required to assist you with showing progress for an individual child and keep them at the centre of their learning. It has been designed with ease in mind and giving you access to flag a child as requiring focus in a number of places. All observations, assessments, child reflections, next steps, focus flags and my voice comments are listed on the Pupil Timeline, which will show when a pupil moves on to or off focus and if any next steps are current or complete.

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