Designed for every kind of educational setting, with the ILD system, you can choose to use any framework or curriculum you require. Choose your curriculum from our library including EYFS Reform 2021, CfE, National Curriculum or this can be the standard accepted curriculum for your country which if required, we can assist you with inclusion. You can also bespoke or create your own unique curriculum using our optional ILD Curriculum Builder.

Whichever framework or curriculum you use, our Weekly Planning function will really help you to prepare, organise, and fast track your planning. This can be for child initiated or educator-led activities, for your whole setting or for individual children, meeting their unique needs and interests. It is the perfect solution for ‘In the moment’, short, medium, or long-term planning.

With the Weekly Planning function, you can create weekly lesson planning based on topics and linked to Areas of Learning. Include questions to assist with informed observations, with the ability to reflect on your practice and environment.

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