Key Features

Key Features2020-04-23T13:23:57+01:00

Observation Capture

  • Observations can be captured both via the web and our dedicated mobile apps

  • Capture evidence including multiple photos and record both audio and video clips

  • Single or multi child observations which can be recorded once and assigned to all

  • View Observation Summaries, filtered by Class, Group, Individual child, date range and curriculum areas

  • Full editing capabilities with all observations including those sent securely from your mobile devices

  • Link observation evidence to statements across one or more curriculums for individuals or groups of children simultaneously

  • Various approval options dictate which observations are visible in the portfolio and to parents through the Parent Portal and mobile apps

Mobile Apps

  • Dedicated mobile apps for observation capture available for both Apple and Android devices

  • No Wi-Fi connection required! Works with or without an internet connection both inside and outside the classroom. Even on school trips…

  • Communicates directly with your ILD online through a secure encrypted connection

  • Use your device built microphone to activate ‘type as you talk’ for observation titles and comments

Media Manager

  • Complete media gallery of all media items, including photos, videos and audio clips

  • Download multiple media simultaneously to your laptop or PC

  • Create public or private media albums to share with your school or nursery colleagues

  • Upload new media from your laptop, PC or camera memory cards

  • Write new observations simply by browsing your Media Manager by tagged class or group

Curriculums and Assessments

  • Assess across multiple curriculums within the same class or group of children with or without an observation

  • Customise the visibility of curriculum age levels on a class by class basis

  • Assessments are made against a red, orange and green selection either at outcome/statement level or by age band/best fit

  • Clearly view observations that have not yet been assessed

  • View observation evidence of existing observations before assessing new ones

  • Many different curriculums available for assessment even complete bespoke curriculums developed by schools worldwide

  • Some of our curriculums include:

  • Assess by child, class or cohort

  • (EYFS) Early Years Foundation Stage / Characteristics of Effective Learning

  • (NC) National Curriculum / Standard U.K. version

  • (NC) National Curriculum / Gordon Academy version

  • (CfE) Curriculum for Excellence / Pre-birth to 3 years milestones / The Well-being Indicators / Benchmarks
  • (EYLF) Early Years Learning Framework

  • (QKLG) Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidance

Online Portfolio

  • Automatic generation of online portfolios containing observations, media, next steps and assessments

  • Consolidation of a child’s activity, parent and teachers comments and End of Year/Term reports

  • Create electronic magazine style books of the children’s portfolios

  • Comment on parent contributions at home and assign ‘At Home’ next step or targets

Progress and Tracking

  • Track progress across multiple curriculums for classes, groups or individual children

  • Apply colour coding to assessment results for easy performance tracking

  • A wide range of tracking reports available to show current attainment, progress against previous terms/milestones and % of children working at age related levels

  • View observation numbers per class or individual child, the date of their last observation and the areas of the curriculum those observations are linked to

  • Write End of Year/Term reports based on selected templates

Child Safeguarding

  • Apply Child Identity Protection (CIP) to images of children who have been flagged as requiring this feature

  • The ILD system will inform you if images of safeguarded children are currently being used and that no Child Identity Protection has been activated

  • Restrict download of media from the Media Manager for specific user groups

  • Restrict access to staff members outside of their working hours or even during holidays when the nursery or school is closed

  • When data has been successfully transferred from mobile device to ILD reporting system, all child related data is automatically deleted from the device

Central Administration Area

  • Manage Users, Classes, Pupils and Parents with ease in the Admin Control Panel

  • Comprehensive list of options to tailor the ILD to your exact requirements

  • Modify the content of parent letters and emails with easy to use templates

Parent Portal

  • Parental access is available 24/7 via our parent portal in the cloud or through our dedicated ILD Parent mobile apps

  • Parents can send observations from home via the apps including text, photo and video evidence

  • View child’s learning diary through the portal or mobile apps with the ability to comment and like observations captured at school or nursery

  • Access child / children’s diary under a single sign in for parents even if their children are in different schools or nurseries