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ILD cloud-based system

To use our free educational apps, you must have access to the Interactive Learning Diary cloud-based system. The ILD educational reporting and tracking tool for nurseries and schools has been developed for versatility and ease of use, data security and encrypted storage. The system is both cloud-based, fully mobile and can be used with or without access to a Wi-Fi network!

As professional teachers and practitioners report in different ways and the ILD has never been a ‘one size fits all, tick box system’, you set up the ILD to suit your own specific requirements. Initial set up can be achieved quite quickly either manually or by import of data from your school MIS system.

The ILD cloud portal and Windows mobile apps for parents (excludes ILD Pro Teacher app) are supported by the Interactive Learning Diary on the following editions of Internet Explorer – Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge and on all currently supported servicing branches of Windows 10 including Windows Mobile UWP.

ILD Pro Mobile apps – for educators

When initial set up is achieved, you simply download the free educational app you require and take your observation recording to another level with a tablet PC and this simple to use extension of the ILD cloud-based system. Using a compatible device will open a new level of observation capture whether you are in or out of the classroom environment. Synchronise your class list, children and teachers, so no data re-keying required. Capture photos, videos and audio clips for single or multiple children, write comments and assess against the curriculum. Synchronise with your ILD online at the touch of a button. Once observations have been successfully transferred, the mobile devices are cleared to ensure safe-guarding policies are adhered to. Our free mobile apps are available for both Apple and Android devices including tablets and mobile phones.

Please note that the ILD Pro mobile apps are for educators only. Download links for our ILD Parent apps are available on our Parent Partnership page.

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