Working with children in their early years is an extremely important role. Worldwide, no matter which curriculum or framework you use, you must have the ability to accurately track the development progress of individual children in your care.

Education is now moving away from excessive levels of assessment paperwork, but a child’s progress must be recorded for reference and to enable you to instantly recognise if additional support, focus or reflection is required. Children develop and learn at different rates and in different ways. Their development does not happen in a neat and orderly fashion, and it should never be approached as a simple, tick box exercise.

Most curriculums and frameworks will include some form of progress tracking and use terms such as milestones, benchmarks, or checkpoints. This tracking process should be used regularly to monitor development.

With the ILD Checkpoint function we have provided the versatility and included everything you require to accurately track exactly where a child is in their development. At any time.

  • Can be used in conjunction with any curriculum or framework you use. CfE benchmarks or milestones, EYFS development matters or Birth to 5 Matters. Whichever curriculum/s you have chosen for free inclusion in your ILD system, the Checkpoint function will allow you to track development against their individual observation/progress statements.
  • If you have personalised an existing curriculum or created your own with the ILD Curriculum Builder, the Checkpoint function can also be used with these.
  • It can also be used as often as you require. On a weekly, monthly, quarterly, termly, or annual basis. The choice is yours.
  • Based on the child’s date of birth which you have included in their ILD child profile, when the Checkpoint function is opened and a child is chosen, their age in months will automatically appear on their checkpoint screen. This screen will display observation/progress statements which are relevant to their age and also the curriculum/s you are using. Observation / progress statements for above and below their age group can also be viewed
  • If required, and you wish to do so, a child’s progress checkpoints can be shared on the Parent Portal to assist you and parents to work in close partnership regarding their child’s development progress.
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