Designing a curriculum with ILD Curriculum Builder

Designing a curriculum has always presented numerous challenges for progressive nurseries and school and until recently, there have been limited design options and solutions. Important decisions have to be made. Do you purchase a curriculum, outsource to a curriculum designer, or design a curriculum inhouse?

Curriculum packages and designers are expensive. This can put pressure on budgets while conventional paper based inhouse curriculum development can be a time consuming and often daunting task for busy educators. But it no longer has to be this way…

With the Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) platform, you now have a unique multi-functional, time and cost-effective solution … the ILD Curriculum Builder.

How to design and develop a school curriculum
How to build a curriculum
Design a curriculum

The Curriculum Builder is an ILD premium function to quickly assist you to customise or design a new nursery or school curriculum. It removes a lot of hard work from designing a curriculum inhouse. By using this latest ILD innovation, you can either copy existing curriculums and modify their structure to meet your personal requirements or create your own bespoke curriculum or hybrid. There are no restrictions on the number of curriculums which you wish to modify or design. You can create your own personal nursery or school curriculum library if required!

Here are just some of the unique benefits which the ILD Curriculum Builder can provide for your nursery, school or organisation.

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