Designing a curriculum has always presented numerous challenges for nurseries and schools and until recently, there have been limited design options and solutions. Important decisions to be made. Do you purchase a curriculum, outsource to a curriculum designer, or design a curriculum inhouse?

Curriculum packages and designers are expensive. This can put pressure on budgets while conventional paper based inhouse curriculum development can be a time consuming and often daunting task for busy educators. But it no longer has to be this way…

With the Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) platform, you now have a unique multi-functional, time and cost-effective solution … the ILD Curriculum Builder. Living proof that creative curriculum design and education excellence can be achieved by any nursery or school.

It was developed by our educators worldwide who were disappointed with the curricula they used. They desperately required an easy step by step method of either modifying an existing one or designing their own bespoke curriculum. The ILD Curriculum Builder provides educators with a comprehensive management system to design and deliver the curriculum they require for their nursery, school, outdoor or SEND centre. There are no limits to what you can achieve with designing your own curriculum. You can also create your own extensive curricula library at no additional cost. It really is the must-have tool for all educators.

When modified or bespoke curriculums are designed, they automatically appear in your personal Interactive Learning Diary system, ready for you to conduct observations, assessments, tracking, planning, and reporting functions.

Please note: The ILD Curriculum Builder is an optional module for the Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) platform.

ILD Curriculum Builder

  • Unlimited modified Curriculums
  • Unlimited bespoke Curriculums
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Data

*Price excludes VAT

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