Today, curriculum design and development no longer has to be an overwhelming and daunting task. As a nursery or school, you are faced with important decisions on how best to approach this. Should you purchase a pre-designed curriculum, outsource to a curriculum designer, or design your own curriculum? Each of these options presents its own challenges, but with the ILD Curriculum Builder, you can easily create a comprehensive, customised curriculum without breaking the bank.

As a school leader, finding a cost-effective way to design your curriculum is a serious responsibility. The real cost of outsourcing your curriculum design can be easy to underestimate as there are usually hidden costs involved. To make the right decision for your nursery or school, you really do have to consider the various options available.

The cost of curriculum packages and designers can be expensive, putting pressure on budgets and limiting options. In the past, in-house curriculum design and development was a time-consuming and overwhelming task for busy teachers. This no longer applies with our fully integrated ILD system Curriculum Builder. It’s the perfect multi-functional solution that was developed by teachers worldwide who were disappointed with the curriculums they used. It provides a comprehensive management system to design and deliver the curriculum you require for your nursery, school, or outdoor centre. There are no limits to what you can achieve, and you can create your own extensive curriculum library at no additional cost. Taking your curriculum design to a whole new level.

curriculum design with ILD curriculum builder

If you wish to change any of the U.K curriculums – or the many others – which we offer in the ILD tracking platform, now is the time to improve and develop these further to meet your own specific requirements. Changes to a curriculum can be achieved in minutes. Simply open your chosen curriculum, and the intuitive framework structure software allows you to improve the area of learning required.

Your new version automatically appears, ready to use, in your personal ILD system and ILD Pro2 mobile app.

Where is the fantastic new curriculum you have created? Gathering dust in a forgotten device or laptop folder? Now is the time for innovative curriculum design! With the intuitive tabulation and framework design functions in the Quick Curriculum Designer, simply upload your own personal curriculum into the system! You are now ready to enjoy the full range of ILD observation, assessment, tracking and reporting functions. With our curriculum builder, the possibilities are limitless.

All of your changed or created curriculums are private and confidential and can only be accessed by authorised team members. If required, teachers can share all curriculums and frameworks across their organisation or group.

Just use the button below to reach out and discover more about the ILD system, curriculum design and our Curriculum Builder for your nursery, school, or group.

ILD Curriculum Builder

  • Unlimited modified Curriculums
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