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A fast, efficient solution to accurately record and
track child development

Complete educational reports and record child progress analysis in minutes rather than hours so that you can focus on childcare without worrying  about piles of paperwork.

Feature packed and easy to use

The Interactive Learning Diary enables fast, efficient recording and evidence capture of child observations including text, photo, video and audio with the dedicated professional mobile apps.

Engage with parents and share observations and child progress using the parent portal or free parent apps.

  • Add and update all your observations in one easy to use screen.

  • Manage assessments, next steps and my voice comments.

  • Using our unique media manager, you have full control over the photos, audio and video clips that are available in your ILD Childminder system.

  • Engage with parents and share observations and child progress using the parent portal or free parent apps.

  • Poor Wi-Fi signal? Use ILD mobile virtually anywhere without a Wi-Fi or mobile network.

  • Create electronic FlipBooks to share with your parents that contain all their child’s learning including assessments, next steps, comments, photos, videos and audio clips. The FlipBook can then be downloaded to a DVD or played on the parent’s computer.
  • Create a unique profile for each child using the all about me feature. We have provided a basic template to get you started, but this can be updated  easily with your own information.

  • Choose from a variety of reports to track children’s progress throughout their learning and output the result in PDF, Word or Excel formats

What does it cost?

Monthly costs start at just £8 per month.

Do you provide support for the system?

Absolutely. We provide free technical support and there are several ways to contact our support team. Use Live Chat between the 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday through the ILD web portal and receive immediate assistance from our team or if you prefer, by phone or email.

How secure is the ILD system?

Your data security & child safeguarding is always our top priority. At the Interactive Learning Diary we have implemented an advanced set of security technologies and policies to protect all users. With thousands of users worldwide accessing the ILD, you can count on our security and data protection to meet their needs.

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