Child observations are not a tick box or one size fits all exercise. ILD Observation Manager provides a way to effectively observe, assess and plan for each child as learners and as individuals. It provides nurseries and schools with all the functions required to effectively monitor and manage a child’s development. Every function has been developed to allow educators to conduct their educational reporting in a time efficient manner.

We know just how busy nursery or school life can be and occasionally it can be difficult to fully complete an observation.

With our Observation Manager and ILD Pro 2 you can…

  • Simply record your photo, audio or video evidence – save in your Media Manager – return later to complete observation.
  • Record your evidence and type or dictate a brief overview – return later to complete observation.
  • All complete or incomplete observations can be held in a time window for final moderation before publishing.
  • Even though the ILD is essentially a paperless system, you can of course print virtually anything you require.

View, edit and manage unapproved observations before publishing. Quickly review and edit assessments, next steps, and progress/end of year reports. Create beautiful personalised Digital Flipbooks for parents to download. This provides a detailed history of all their child’s activities and important achievements including all their precious photos, audio and video clips… and much more!

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