The Interactive Learning Diary was developed from the passion and spirit of a team of driven specialists. It was originally born out of necessity to assist a family member who absolutely loved teaching, but found that educational reporting and planning consumed many valuable hours in school and at home.

So…. after months of long days and late nights, the ILD was launched and piloted in early education settings and schools across the UK. Hundreds of colleagues in the education sector around the world who felt burdened by paper based systems, made important contributions to the ILD with suggested and requested additional functionality.

Our mantra is “When you talk, we listen”. This has been true from the day we launched and is still an integral part of virtually everything we do. Each new suggestion or development is added directly to the ILD functionality development plan for consideration. What makes us so different? Well… the ILD team is made up of a unique blend of educational specialists and IT experts with a strong creative and innovative mindset. All driven with the same passion as you have, to ensure children’s learning experiences are observed, assessed and recorded throughout their education, professionally.

We simply love what we do!

The more complex the requests or developments from you, the more we draw on our expertise as a team to evolve a creative solution! The Interactive Learning Diary has very much been a holistic and organic process. Developed by teachers for teachers, it has rapidly grown in design and functionality into a comprehensive educational reporting and data analysis system encompassing everything our teachers and practitioners require. When you partner with us you get a team who will support you not only with the ILD, but with your profession. Education specialists across the globe that live and breathe all aspects of digital reporting, improving education, a passion for teaching and are happy to share best practice and new ideas.

High values & standards

Our success is not only due to the quality of our work; it’s down to attitude, our approach and the way we treat our members. From day one, we wanted to specialise in “member experience”. The ILD had to be intuitive, user friendly and enjoyable to use and this has been achieved through working in partnership with the ILD community across the globe.

The ILD team

Our team is specifically designed to be dynamic and intuitive. We offer solutions cultivated and created by a community of education and IT experts who practice what they preach. We’re flexible and responsive, adapting our approach to meet the needs of individual ILD members. We stay close to our clients through our ILD community, partnering with them, to create and deliver as one team. All personnel working with or who are part of the ILD team are fully DBS & PVG checked at enhanced levels. This forms part of our rigorous recruitment procedures.

Our experience

We come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Some educational, some technical, some strategic and others creative but we are united in one obsession: producing great products that deliver success and results for our educators.