When a child is aged between 24-36 months, parents / carers should be provided with a brief written summary of their child’s development in the three prime areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development.

This highly important progress check assists with early identification of any specific development needs so that additional support if required can be put in place. This support may be in the nursery, at home or may involve outside agencies. It must identify the areas where the child is progressing well and highlight any areas where more focus and support may be required.

With your ILD system, it can be tailored to your setting by including multiple customised response areas for parents to complete. The report can then be published straight to the Parent Portal for parents to include their feedback, comments and replies and then returned to you via your ILD System Portal.

Who should be involved in the 2-year progress check?

The progress check should be completed by the practitioner who really knows the child best. This would usually be the child’s key person in the nursery.

This should take account of the views, visual observations and contributions of parents / carers, other practitioners and other professionals who may have worked with the child. If possible, the voice of the child should be included in some way. Very young children, and those with a speech developmental delay or disability may not communicate very well verbally, but they will communicate and interact in other ways. For example, through gesture, action, body language and signing.

All of the important information gathered creates a shared knowledge and understanding for the benefit of the child. Extra care must be taken to ensure that the report reflects the individual characteristics and personality of the child and does not become a generic description of any two-year-old child.

Once completed, a copy of the report can be placed in the child’s Pupil Timeline to assist with providing an accurate picture of the child’s development and achievements.

Please note: The ILD 2-year progress check report function can easily be used with any early year’s curriculum you choose.

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