The leading learning journal software designed by nursery managers, practitioners, and primary teachers.

Are you looking for a new system to streamline your child development recording, tracking and progress? If so, our Interactive Learning Diary software could be the perfect time and cost-effective solution you require.

From personal experience, we know that tracking child development in a busy nursery or school is no easy task. Maintaining the highest standards of education can be overwhelming at times. But our cutting-edge learning journal is designed to simplify your workload and assist you to provide the best learning experiences for young children.

But there’s much, much more to this than just education software. It’s about people… the education of young children and helping busy educators and parents to work in close partnership.

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So Why Choose the Interactive Learning Diary?

We have always adopted a ‘when you talk, we listen’ approach to everything we do. After all, it’s you and your nursery or school team who work hard to provide the best education possible. Because of this, every unique function you see in the Interactive Learning Diary learning journal has been suggested, requested, or actually designed by a nursery or school team member.

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It’s Your Personal System

With some systems, you can’t do anything to personalise it. They believe that one size fits all and you only discover how problematic this is after joining them. Requesting a new development or function you require usually falls on deaf ears. Many of our new nurseries and schools joining us share their experiences and problems created by using learning journal software with very limited functionality.

We understand that every nursery or school likes to do things differently. For example, you may wish to use the standard UK curriculums like the Curriculum for Excellence, EYFS or National Curriculum. Alternatively, if you would like to modify these to meet your own specific requirements, our ILD learning journal allows you to do this.

You can even create your own bespoke inhouse curriculums with our Curriculum Builder!

From babies to teenage development tracking, our system adapts to your needs, ensuring a seamless experience for you, your team, parents, and children.

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Experience the Future of Child Development Tracking

Join the growing community of nurseries and schools that have switched to the Interactive Learning Diary and are now enjoying new unique levels of service, support, efficiency, organisation, and enhanced education. The Interactive Learning Diary isn’t just a piece of software; it’s your strategic partner in learning and teaching excellence. Helping educators and parents to enjoy an excellent working partnership which is highly beneficial for every child in your nursery or school.

Take control of your future success today with the Interactive Learning Diary…

We can also arrange a free online setup/configuration session to fast track your Interactive Learning Diary experience and provide exceptional levels of free support through Live Chat, by email or telephone. We are always here to assist you!

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