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Online learning journals for early years and primary with the Interactive Learning Diary (ILD)

Used by 1,000’s of educators and parents across the U.K. and worldwide, paper-based learning journal and learning diary books are now being replaced by this latest innovation in educational reporting. With our easy to use ILD software, your educational reporting, tracking and child progress analysis can now be achieved in minutes rather than hours or days! Everything is included for level of reporting required. Basic overview or advanced analysis? The choice is yours as you simply set the system to meet your own specific requirements.

Including a fully comprehensive range of reporting features and functionality, creating professional learning journals is so much easier with the ILD system. By using our free educational mobile apps for educators and parents, the Interactive Learning Diary will provide you with fast, efficient recording and evidence capture of child observations. Including text, photo & video which you can share with parents! You can now enjoy and focus on your teaching and parent partnerships, not paperwork!

Poor wi-fi coverage in your nursery or school? No wi-fi access required. The ILD system can be used anywhere, with or without access to a wi-fi network. The perfect solution for outdoor activities or forest schools to create beautiful learning journals no matter where you are.

Are you looking for a new reporting system to accurately record and track child development? Tired with the ever-increasing multi-tasking? You have now found the perfect solution… The ILD, designed by early years and primary educators.

Comprehensive educational reporting

Childminders, after school clubs, nurseries and schools can now easily and quickly observe, record and track a child’s educational development even while they teach. With quick capture of evidence and a brief text outline, save your observation which can then be amended or completed at a later date. The ILD gives our educators a level of reporting versatility and functionality which cannot be found in any other system. On an almost weekly basis, we are contacted by schools and nurseries who wish to ‘upgrade’ to the ILD as their current system can’t produce the assessment results and data which they require. From their own personal experience with creating learning journals, our members have discovered there is actually a whole world of difference with the numerous benefits and features which they enjoy with the ILD.

“I would recommend the ILD unreservedly. I have used other platforms but have returned to the ILD because the level of data analysis is more detailed and intuitive.”

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Intuitive and very easy to use

The technology which we have used in the ILD ensures it’s the most advanced online learning diary or learning journal available for educators. But, even if you are slightly apprehensive of ICT or lack experience, our free online training and exceptional levels of support are there to assist you every step of the way. The ILD has been developed by educators just like you, who love teaching but require a reporting system that is fast, efficient and must be easy to use.

“The ILD Support Team are friendly, helpful and very efficient – they have endless patience (especially for someone with limited IT skills, like myself) The level of support that they provide is outstanding.”

Child safeguarding and data security

Every aspect of the ILD is built on security, child safety and the very latest data encryption and storage systems. All parental communications and access to children’s learning diaries is conducted within the secure ILD environment. We also advise our educators and parents on social media safety and our Child Identity Protection (C.I.P.) function enables educators to protect any child in their care who requires special child safeguarding measures. Our security has also been inspected and approved by the ICT teams of the larger childcare organisations which we partner with including independent data security consultants.

“In summary, the ILD is highly effective, professional, easy to use, secure, time saving and cost effective!”

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Latest mobile technology to assist educators and parent partnerships

Does your nursery or school experience poor Wi-Fi network coverage? If so, this isn’t a problem for ILD users. The ILD mobile apps for educators and parents can be used anywhere, with or without a Wi-Fi connection! This means they can capture their important child observations in outdoor play areas, during school trips or family excursions! Our Parent Portal and ILD Parent mobile apps for Apple, Android and Windows devices takes nursery / school / home communication to an amazing new level for parent participation and your partnerships. Publish observations or reports which you would like your parents to view, receive home observations and send important news and notifications directly to parents through the mobile apps. All levels of communication are conducted within the secure ILD system.

“We highly recommend the Interactive Learning Diary as the best tool to use for recording a child’s development, partnerships with parents and effective monitoring. We trialled various other online observation/monitoring systems and found that only the ILD ticked all the boxes to meet our needs.”

Facts & Stats

Over 17,500 education professionals across the world and growing rapidly
More than 5 million observations have been written world-wide
Almost 9 million photos and videos have been recorded for assessment evidence
Over 103,000 ILD Parents participating in their child’s education
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