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Learning journals just took a quantum leap forward with our latest version of the Interactive Learning Diary for 2022.

Designed & developed by childcare and teaching professionals…

Placing children at the centre of their own learning has now never been easier. If you prefer, there is no requirement to record numerous observations, assessments and next steps based on a curriculum. Our innovative, learning journal software allows you to simply use your own professional judgment, assessment skills and visual observations to really focus on the child with every tool provided to assist you.

Primary teachers also have access to another range of advanced tools to assist them with in depth educational recording, tracking, planning, and reporting. This exceptional level of learning journal versatility and functionality can provide the ideal solution for your whole school if required.

As early years child development tracking and primary teaching strategies are constantly evolving, the ILD continues to provide a wide range of unique tools to assist every educator. Based on the highly valued feedback from our early years’ practitioners and primary teachers, it allows you to record a child’s progress using any style, preference, level, curriculum, or framework you choose. Everything is there for you, your team, children and parents to really enjoy teaching and learning.

We know you are very busy, but take a little time to fully discover the ILD…It could be exactly what you are looking for…

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