Here are just some of our testimonials...

The ILD has transformed how Beaconhurst Junior Start department records and evidences children’s learning and tracks pupil progress. The diary is accessible and visible to educators, children and families as well as instantly capturing children’s achievements.
"We are excited and delighted that Beaconhurst can now offer this highly interactive and visible way for staff, parents and children to link the learning that goes on within Junior Start in a way that adds value and places children at the centre of capturing their learning"
L. Jackson, Head of Junior Start (Beaconhurst School)
I just want to say a huge thank you to the ILD team. Our staff have been using the system for over 6 months now and we are true converts. The ease with which assessments are linked to the CfE outcomes is amazing.
We are also using the system to help train younger and less experienced staff about the curriculum for excellence using the colour coded outcomes on the ILD. It is a very visual way to assist staff to understand how to "link" learning to the curriculum outcomes.
The back up and support helpline is fantastic. Our calls are answered immediately although I have to say the issues were never about the ILD, more about our IT skills but the ILD team were very patient and still talked us through "how to".
We've found the Interactive Learning Diary is an invaluable tool for getting it right for every child.
L.Beaton, Manager (Great Western Road Nursery)
The main benefits for us using the ILD over the past 9 months are being able to score children electronically against the curriculum as you write the observation. This has saved us countless hours not having to duplicate work.
We can check evidence against each statement at the click of a button and check a child's progress instantly. With added benefit of parents being able to log on from home and see their own child's portfolio.
K.Evans, Early Years (Toothill Primary School)