The ILD on the move

Take observation recording to another level with a tablet PC and this simple to use extension of the ILD. Using a compatible device will open up a new level of observation capture whether you are in or out of the classroom environment.

Our FREE apps are available on most Apple devices including the iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and iPhone also most Android devices such as 7" and 10" tablets along with smart-phones. Search the App Store or Google Play Store for "ILD Mobile".

Synchronise your class list, children and teachers, so no data re-keying required.

Capture photos for single or multiple children, write comments and assess against the curriculum.

Synchronise with your ILD online at the touch of a button. Once observations have been transferred the mobile devices are cleared to ensure safe-guarding policies are adhered to.

So How Does It Work?

Simple menu structure making the app very easy to use
Write comments about your photos describing the childs activities
Clear visibility of observations captured for review and transfer to your ILD
Curriculum elements layed out clearly for easy assessment of outcomes
View current achievements and add new outcomes statements against observations
Clear options to review observation or sychronise with your dedicated online ILD

Your mobile devices can be used both in and outside the classroom, whether it be in the outdoor setting or on school trips. A Wi-Fi connection is required however to download and upload data to and from your ILD