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The ILD has been designed to be user friendly with clear easy to use functions, intuitive screens and help guides available when that little extra reminder is needed.

Observations and Assessments in the Classroom

Observation recording is simple, using the automatic transfer of photographs from your own digital camera* to the photo library, spell checking written text and linking direct to the Curriculum statements.

Alternatively, you might want to consider complementing your setup by using a mobile device such as a tablet PC. This will allow you to take observation recording outside of the classroom. Using data synchronisation, your data will be transferred securely to and from your own encrypted database.

Save time and money by eliminating the need to print photographs, cutting them out and sticking them into the children’s books.

Guarantee a professional and consistent approach when reporting progress to parents, either through the parent portal or by printing a child’s portfolio. A nice touch when talking to parents at parents evening.

Outcomes and the Curriculum

The assessment process uses the key areas of the curriculum, colour coded or labelled for simplicity with the ability to view evidence from observations when an outcome has been achieved. A traffic light system has been adopted to gauge the level of ability against each statement.

The ILD contains all the age groups within the Curriculum for Excellence for Scotland and the NEW 2012 EYFS in England, from Birth to the Early Learning Goals including the 'Characteristics of Effective Learning'. However, due to its flexibility a custom curriculum could be created by colleges or similar organisations.

Pupil Portfolio

Each child has an automatically created e-portfolio which will detail their observations, progress and relevant evidence within including photographs. This can be produced as a PDF document, ideal for parents evening and transition information.

Progress and End of Year Reporting to Parents

Reporting to parents can now be a simple process using our new End of Year reporting functons. Simply choose a template which can include a front and back cover, select various layouts and elements that your report should contain and order them appropriately. Once configured the template will be available to users to write the reports. This can be personal comments, pre-defined curriculum definitions or outcomes that the pupil has achieved throughout their assessments.

You may define your own Attainment and Effort options for inclusion. Reports can be printed to Microsoft Word or PDF for a whole class or individual pupil.

Parent Portal

Our Parent Portal gives parents access to their child’s/children’s progress. They can see observations performed, outcomes achieved and any next steps entered.

The portal is very easy to configure with a single click approach to providing readymade introduction letters for parents. You always maintain full control on when the portal is open and when observations become available to parents, even in real-time.

Next Steps

Directly link your observation to children's next steps/Plods with clear reasoning and evidence that you are responsive planners to children's individual learning and development needs.

My Voice

My Voice allows settings and parents to record comments from children about the child’s own learning and aspirations.


A child’s progress can be tracked using a number of comprehensive interactive reports clearly showing achievement, evidence and areas requiring focus

Produce and/or print attractive reports for parents or moderation meetings. Really show off your schools hard work and achievements when reporting progress.

Available 24/7 from any PC with Internet access

The ILD is truly online. Hosted in a secure UK data centre, SSL encryption (https) between your PC and the ILD together with a fully encrypted dedicated database for your setting.