The ILD is a simple and easy-to-use reporting tool to assist with the capture of evidence, analysis and evaluation of progress spanning a child’s learning journey against multiple curriculums.


  • Automatically creates an e-portfolio for every child, detailing observations, progress and relevant evidence including photographs, video and audio.
  • The assessment process uses the key areas within the Curriculum for Excellence for Scotland and the EYFS and National Curriculum in England from Birth to the Early Learning Goals and supports custom curriculums.
  • A portable app that can be used inside and out, eliminating the need to print and collate photographs and hand written notes.
  • Parent portal encourages parental participation and the opportunity to be more actively involved in their child’s learning journey.




Time and Cost Effective

The manual compilation of children’s learning diaries is time consuming and costly. Compiling these electronically with the ILD gives back valuable teaching time to educators and greatly reduces cost of office consumables. Teach, observe and record simultaneously. Take your observations to a whole new level with photographs, video and audio.

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Access the ILD Anywhere

Teachers and educators can use the ILD to capture evidence, demonstrate pupil progress, set targets and track against them abreast of the whole-school picture and compare progress against robust comparative data. Our Apple & Android mobile apps allow you to use the system at home, at work both indoors and outdoors. 100% web based with no software to load, all you need is wifi or mobile network access.

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Intuitive and User-Friendly

The intuitive, user friendly design of the ILD has been developed by teachers for teachers ensuring ease of use. We offer free “Getting Started” training sessions and then free advanced user sessions.

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