Designed by teachers for teachers, children and parents, the ILD system assists with the capture of evidence, analysis and evaluation of progress spanning a child’s learning journey across single or multiple curriculums if required.


  • Used as part of the Interactive Learning Diary reporting and data analysis system, our free ILD mobile apps for Apple and Android devices can be used with or without access to a wi-fi network. This ensures the Interactive Learning Diary can be used virtually anywhere. In class, outdoor play areas or during school excursions! By using our user friendly apps on your device to create beautiful learning diaries and a comprehensive range of analysis reports online, monitoring and tracking a child’s educational development has never been easier!
  • The ILD automatically creates a comprehensive learning journey for every child, detailing educational observations, both summative and formative assessments, outcomes, progress and relevant evidence including text, photographs, video and audio.
  • The assessment process uses all the key areas within the following curriculums:
    • Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) including pre-birth to three and the Wellbeing Wheel.
    • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) including Characteristics of Effective Learning (CEL)
    • National Curriculum (NC) to KS1 &KS2
  • Our free ILD Parent portal really opens and improves the channels of communication between teachers, children and parents. Due to the ease of use, the portal encourages parental participation in their child’s development which greatly assists and enhances your parent partnership relationship. Parents welcome this opportunity to be more actively involved in their child’s learning journey and they can view and make a contribution to these from home.




Time and Cost Effective

The manual compilation of a child’s paper based learning diary, journey or journal can be quite time consuming and costly. When you consider the substantial cost of printers, maintenance, cartridges, plain and photographic paper etc and also valuable staff time, this can be very expensive for nurseries and schools. Compiling these electronically online with the ILD gives back valuable teaching time to educators and greatly reduces cost of office consumables. Teach, observe and record simultaneously. You also take your observations and reporting to an exciting new level with the inclusion of photographs, video and audio.

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Access the ILD Anywhere

As the ILD can be used with or without wi-fi access, even if the network is down or they experience poor wi-fi strength or coverage in their school, teachers can continue using the ILD to conduct their educational reporting duties. In class or in the countryside during a school trip, teachers can continue with their observations! With ILD mobile, the only time you require a wi-fi network is when transferring your security encrypted data from your device into the ILD online reporting system.

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Intuitive and User-Friendly

The intuitive, user friendly design of our online reporting system has been developed by teachers for teachers and with quick reference to every aspect of your curriculum; it’s very easy to use. Developed to meet the reporting requirements of the smallest nursery to the largest international school, it’s the perfect reporting solution for every teacher. With our free training and exceptional levels of technical support, we also ensure that your transition from paper based systems to the ILD is an enjoyable, problem free experience. With the Interactive Learning Diary and our fantastic teachers worldwide, we are improving the world of educational reporting!

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